Tarot 2024

In the quaint town of Willow Creek, a circle of friends stumbles upon an ancient deck of Tarot cards, drawn to its mystique. Ignoring warnings, they frivolously engage in readings, breaking the cardinal rule of Tarot. Unwittingly, they unleash an ancient evil imprisoned within the cards. As ominous events unfold, they find themselves ensnared in a deadly game of fate. Each card drawn heralds their doom, leading to a desperate struggle for survival against an unseen adversary. This is a chilling tale of recklessness, consequences, and the terrifying power of the unknown lurking within the ancient symbols of the Tarot. Follow Himovies Horror Movies for more.

Tarot Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Tarot (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Horror
Director: Spenser Cohen, Anna Halberg
Writer: Nicholas Adams, Spenser Cohen, Anna Halberg
Stars: Avantika, Jacob Batalon, Olwen Fouéré

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